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Jane Genova

Great post. And welcome to the blogosphere. The amazing thing about executive communications is that there are a number -- too large a number -- of C-level who still don't get it that everything has changed and keep changing. They still want, for example, an op-ed in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL. Nothing wrong with that but that's what they assume will move the ball across the field. They have no notion of the importance of understanding how mainstream media (MSM) and social media have to work together to reinforce the message.

How can get keep their jobs or run their professional services firms with this 20-th century approach to their communications?

Rob Cottingham

Here's the irony: while PowerPoint has all but supplanted the capital-S Speech, the way most executives use PowerPoint is anything but authentic. Nothing could look more canned and scripted than a lifeless recitation of over-long bullet points as they appear over the speaker's shoulder... and that's despite tireless efforts to get execs and other leaders to change their behaviour.

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