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Tom Foremski

Mark, did you notice the video of Carly typing at a computer? She was using a Hewlett-Packard notebook, as if to say "my beef" is not with HP and its staff but with the board.
I think she is still very hurt by what happened and that's why she is so defensive. Also, she hasn't gotten much credit for the very difficult job she had to do at HP. It took IBM nearly ten years to do the same job, to rewire the company for the 21st century.

mark ivey

Tom--good eye, and I think you're right. Her beef was with the board and she didn't get as much credit as she may have deserved with a monumental task. I'm not sure the book and the 60 Minute interviews with this style (claiming to be a victim, refusing to admit any fault,etc) move the ball much on her side, though. Only time will tell.

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