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I'm one of those geezers, and it will work for me if more of my IRL friends & family sign up for it -- and it's a tough sell.

Jacob Chapel

It is hard to say that Facebook will continue it's trend of exponential growth but if we have seen one networks example (Myspace) and how it continues to grow because it is so large, Facebook surely has the potential for the same fate. That is not to say that some new hot product wont come on the market and steal all of Facebook's thunder. There are a lot of forces right now, and I think the biggest force are the users, and we as users need to push what we think is best. So for the "geezers" out there (I am only 24, so please don't take it wrong) just express what you want, you are the next hot demographic.

Ian Griffin

Facebook has taken some companies by storm. I work at H-P and there are over 10,000 employees in the H-P Group on FB - I'm learning new things which are useful in my worklife every day. The platform is way more than "social" networking - it's professional networking as well.

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