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This is a wonderful analogy for what's happening and what's possible. I rarely diss mainstream media in favor of new media...well, never too strongly in public or at work anyway. But my behavior is probably like most: look for, find, collect and enjoy the things I like when I want. Everyone selling products/services or telling stories ought to appreciate both mainstream and new media. But, wow, the attention is being devoted more to what we can find when we want it. Nice post, Mark!! Thank you!

Chris W

The 5-50 rule is quite a sea change, although I think there are two related (or unrelated points here): not all content that we listen to on an iPOD will be user generated. The media conglomerates are developing or repurposing their content for that media--and frankly, a lot of it will be better (better produced and better researched) than the 100,000 podcasts out there. Podcasts are great for democratizing the flow of information, though, and may also play the role that blogs have played--applying a blowtorch to certain parts of the anatomy of the "old" media outlets.

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