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Mark is a veteran writer, editor and communications consultant with a broad corporate background in marketing, public relations, media and public speaking. He grew up in East Texas as the son of a refinery worker, graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in Journalism. In the 1980s he made his mark as an accomplished business writer for Business Week magazine, serving as a bureau chief in Houston and Denver. In the early 1990s he joined Intel Corporation in Portland Oregon, where he rose from a senior writer to become a national media spokesman. Teaming up with another Intel colleague, Ralph Bond, he formed Intel's "PC Dads" consumer education program and managed to get the giant technology company behind it. For over three years the duo traveled the country with their program, conducting workshops and media activities. Mark appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows, including CBS and CNN, published a book on raising kids in the Digital Age (The PC Dads Guide to Becoming a Computer Smart Parent), co-hosted his own radio show in Portland, Or., and co-authored a syndicated newspaper column called Digital Parenting (Tribune Media).

Since leaving Intel in 2001, Mark’s served as an independent communications consultant, helping companies tell their stories through interactive websites, blogs and more traditional means, such as speeches and articles. Since early 2006 he's been specializing in web 2.0 projects and working with companies to develop and refine their "voice" for the new collaborative age. He has three children and lives in San Jose, CA