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John Watkis

Hi Mark,

According to Bert Decker's comments, he didn't rank Barack Obama on this year's list because he was number one on last year's list. Apparently, he doesn't like to repeat.

John Watkis

mark ivey

It seems a little odd to me (not to have repeats), but thanks for the clarification John.


FYI the List was done end of December, before the primaries, and before the Obama surge. He was #1 last year, and no question he would have been at or near the top this year because he is that good. I try not to repeat on the list, and bring them back then next year if they are consistent. I might revisit that, as you could make a great case for Obama being strong enough. My guess is he'll be up there next year. John and Mark, thanks for the comments, and the post.

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